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Client Sorting assumes all columns are sortable (ignoring 'Sortable(false)' on grid or columns)


In other words if you have cells that are .Sortable(false), the extension will still make it sortable. I made this change in the .js under the enableClientSort function:
            $.each(headerCells, function (idx, cell) {
                var tlink = $(cell).children('a.t-link');
                if (tlink.length > 0) {
                    var $a = $('<a class="t-link t-state-default" />');
                    cell.innerHTML = $('<div>').append($a.clone()).html();
What it does is checks if there is an anchor tag with 't-link', if so, then clone it while stripping out the href (shouldn't we be using removeAttr("href")?
What Telerik Grid does when a column is not sortable is it makes a SPAN tag instead of an A (anchor) tag, but still has the class "t-link" associated (but it is not sortable). Let me know if I missed anything! Good job with the extensions nonetheless!!
Closed Sep 30, 2011 at 9:56 PM by jddevight
Another good catch! Thanks.